Colours on the beach

Couleurs sur la plage - 33 €

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Best Dutch Book Design 2017.

This book retraces, like a walk through time and space, the various stages which led to the creation of Colours on the Beach by Karel Martens, a work completed in 2017 as part of the event A Summer in Le Havre. It is a tribute to the beach of Le Havre as well as to the motto: united in diversity. It’s an authentic collection of treasures and of current and future visual archive material. Colours on the Beach is a unique record of today’s Le Havre.


The book Colours on the beach is in French and in English. It is divided into four parts. The first part displays the history of the beach and its cabins from 1830 to 1980 through a collection of archive images. The second part shows the beach with white cabins as well as the key pieces of Karel Martens concept for his project Colours on the beach. The third part is dedicated to the altlas of colours and stripes, as well as the secret they hide. The fourth part shows photographs of the project, from its birth on the beach in March 2017, to its growth it April and May, and its final version.

Couleurs sur la plage - 33 €


Karel Martens, designer-artist ; Élodie Boyer, publisher ; Pierre-Yves Cachard, director of the University Library of Le Havre ; Laurence Le Cieux, director of the Patrimoine Culturel (Cultural Heritage) of the City of Le Havre ; Jean Segui, writer, administrator of Éditions Non Standard ; Stefan Balev, computer science researcher at LITIS, teacher at the University of Le Havre Normandie and maker at La Faironnerie ABC.


Title : Colours on the beach
French/ English
Translation into English by Nigel Forrest
Design: Karel Martens and Aagje Martens
192 pages + Dust cover
Format: 170 x 240 mm
Print run: 2.500 copies
Made in The Netherlands
Date of publication: July 14, 2017
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ISBN : 979-1-096-9390-0-8