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Essaime is a collection of 1,446 drawings made by Sébastien Morlighem. They were taken from 480 books and several hundred cards filled in between 1993 and 2018. It’s a diary, noting the flow of time: there is no style or progression; only momentum, hesitation, surprises, interruptions, resumptions, quagmires and surges. Later, rediscovering and observing what remains, it looks at what has never been drawn: I’ll be your mirror.

Essaime means Swarms in English.

The scenarios of humanity

Frédéric Lambert est auteur de Je sais bien mais quand même publié aux éditions Non Standard en 2013.

Why publish this book?

First of all, we admire the author. So we have just let it be, let it go, let it happen. Sebastien Morlighem wanted to make a book that has never existed before, we don’t know if we have succeeded but at least we have tried, and it was a great joy.

Essaime - 50 €


Sébastien Morlighem teaches history of graphic design and history of typography at École supérieure d’art et design in Amiens. He writes articles and essays, he has been drawing for the last 30 years because Sebastien has always wanted to make books.


1440 pages (Opakal 60 g)
1445 printed drawings and one unique original drawing per book
Format: 12 x 17 cm
Design: Sébastien Morlighem
Print run: 550 copies
Printing: Lenoischuring, NL
Binding: van Waarden, NL
Date of publication: Octobre 2018
Price : 50 €
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ISBN : 979-10-96939-02-2