Bon voyage au Havre
Toujours la même histoire
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Always the same story tells the same story in three ways: in short, medium-length and long versions, because we love creating reading experiences. Reading is indeed a journey, not a destination: the end doesn’t matter in the end. This book is in French but the short version of the story has been translated into English in the book.


The main theme of the book is about sharing and evokes subtlely the concept and issues raised by borders. Basically, if we would share more, we would all be more happy. The book starts with a simple story for children, a man who feeds one bird but doen’t want other birds to come in his plate. The hero is at the same time the good and the bad guy, which is not common in literature for children. Each of the three versions of the story starts with the same sentence and ends with (almost) the same sentence. Progressing in the versions, we understand the reasons why the hero behaves like this, the text gets more and more complete and detailed while the illustrations get simpler and simpler, more zoomed, almost abstract, like blind. Always the same story is a demonstration of the human being becoming more complex while getting adult, and simple gestures like sharing are not natural and spontaneous anymore, as if our sophistication prevents us from doing the right thing.


The three versions of the story are bound into one book only. In fact we have created one “family book” for all ages. Josephin Ritschel has produced her drawings based on photographs of Le Havre. For version 1 (children), the illustrations are in full colour, for version 2 (teenagers), the illustrations are in duotones, for version 3 (adults), the illustrations are in black. Papers and fonts are also carefully chosen for each version in order to offer a panorama of layouts, customised for each reader : we also simulate playful stickers for kids, hidden in the text; we have drawn unique emojis to go with definitions for teenagers, etc. Paper is thicker and font is more playfull for version 1 whereas we get more “serious” for older readers. This does not prevent us from taking great care of the layouts for each age. As our previous books on Le Havre, Toujours la même histoire is a visual tribute to this French unique city.

Standard version - 28 €
Numbered version (16/33 to 33/33) - 150 €


Following Lettres du Havre and Ligne B, Toujours la même histoire (Always the same story) is the third book of Elodie Boyer and Jean Segui.
Elodie Boyer is the author of the concept and has produced the book, coordinating text, illustrations and design. Jean Segui is the author of the story and of the three versions.


Josephin Ritschel has produced all the illustrations of Always the same story. She is a Berlin based artist, who was born in Potsdam 1986. Her work demonstrates her fascination for architecture. She has worked for the New York Times, Architectural Digest, The Architectural Review, Wallpaper and many others. Most of her comics are published by herself.


Title : Toujours la même histoire (Always the same story)
Sub-title : Bon voyage au Havre
In French, translation of the first story into English by Nigel Forrest
Design: Patrick Doan
272 pages including 28 illustrations
Format: 130 x 210 mm
Print run : 1.500 copies
Thought in France, Made in The Netherlands
Date of publication : Feb 14, 2017
Standard version : 28 €
Numbered version, with three colours on the sides (16 to 33/33) : 150 €
Shipment within 24 hours
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Contribution to shipment cost
outside Europe : 10 €
ISBN : 978-2-954-2852-8-3

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