Aimer sans limite
UPO 1: Earth Art
UPO 1: Earth Art - 25 €

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We are delighted to present you with the first issue of UPO (Unidentified Paper Object). This bilingual printed matter (FR/EN) is an occasional publication, its format remains the same but paper(s), printing technique(s), binding will vary from one issue to another. UPO is aimed at emphasizing the work of an artist chosen by Éditions Non Standard. Earth Art from Rejane Dal Bello is number one to give our courage and hopes a boost as we go into the New Year – our hopes for a world without borders, a world where art, design, the earth and mankind would bring us all together.

Rejane Dal Bello has been assembling images from Google Earth in her spare time. Then she has energetically re-arranged, re-worked and illustrated them; re-mixed them and turned them inside out, transforming their meaning in the process. As happy as an astronaut, Rejane has been able to capture a new perspective to present images of infinity and to fashion a world in her imagination. Rejane is an exceptional graphic designer. She is also my friend. We have shared our struggles, inspirations, doubts, disappointments and triumphs since 2008. When Rejane contacted me about some glossy varnishes for her Earth Art project I suggested going further: together, we would create a printed matter to honour her creations. Rejane, with her terrific strength and heightened sensibility, deserves honouring. We would be displaying unlimited love (“aimer sans limite”) and celebrating 2016. As I thought that the images, in all their wondrousness, would be all the more interesting when well complemented, Jean Segui has presented me with the splendid gift of writing this love letter addressed to the Earth. Then we went on to create this UPO: Rejane, as usual, followed her instincts and has given us all a treat by doing it her way. Thus was born this unique project which should be a novel and intriguing experience for you to read. I hope you will be as delighted with it as we are.
All the best,
Elodie Boyer

UPO 1: Earth Art - 25 €


Rejane Dal Bello is born is Brazil. She is a highly respected graphic designer, she has worked in Brazil, the Netherlands and now London where she has launched her own studio in 2012. Jean Segui is a writer, he enjoys writing on demand. Elodie Boyer has produced this UPO.


Unidentified Paper Object
72 printed pages
Japanese fold
Format: 23 x 32,5 cm
Design: Rejane Dal Bello
Print run: 800 copies
Made in The Netherlands
Publication: December 2015
Price: 25€
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outside Europe: 10 €
ISBN: 978-2-9542852-7-6