Writing one's name
UPO 3: No one can fail
Standard version (1 set AOZ) - 35 €
Version for a class (30 sets AOZ) - 70 €

Fedrigoni Top Award, 1st place (Milan 2021).

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Two versions of the UPO 3 are available: one standard version with 1 set of AOZ to write 1 name; one version for a class with 30 sets of AOZ to write 30 names.

We chose to publish an UPO (Unidentified Paper Object) on Marion Bataille’s games in the wake of her double exhibition “Writing one’s name” in Le Havre in May-July 2018, because we believe she offers alternative tools to complete the learning of reading and writing. Marion gives a second chance to every kid. What is so beautiful and moving in the black-white-red letters they create is their effort to keep the letter recognizable, the difficulty of the gesture, the ardour that has been put in it, it’s the daring and the inventiveness, it’s the immense beauty of clumsiness, it’s the clumsiness of dignity.

While observing the workshops, we had the feeling something important was going on. So we invited two researchers to analyse what Marion had invented: former school teacher Marie-Thérèse Zerbato Poudou and Sébastien Morlighem, who teaches the history of typography. We also asked philosopher Aude Lambert and curator Lucile Haguet what it means to “write one’s name” – no ordinary issue indeed!

An AOZ kit is included in UPO 3 (excluding cisors and glue) to write one’s name because nothing replaces the own experiment.


François Chaslin est auteur de Rococo, il a également participé à l’ouvrage collectif Le Corbusier, zones d’ombre, tous deux publiés aux éditions Non Standard en 2018.


We have selected together with Marion Bataille four authors to think about her games (AOZ, Jacques, Claves and Bâtisses) aimed at designing letters to write one’s names. Here they are:
Marie-Thérèse Zerbato Poudou, “Learning to write: From trace to meaning… From meaning to creation…”.
Sébastien Morlighem, “Triangle Round Square”.
Aude Lambert, “Language games & identity”.
Lucile Haguet, “Writing one’s name, fragments of an exhibition”.

(Français) […]

Standard version (1 set AOZ) - 35 €
Version for a class (30 sets AOZ) - 70 €


Marion Bataille ("Artist"), Elodie Boyer (Editor), Rejane Dal Bello (Designer). Authors of the articles : Lucile Haguet (Library curator), Aude Lambert (Philosopher), Sébastien Morlighem (Teacher and researcher in History of Graphic Design and Typography), Marie-Thérèse Zerbato Poudou (School teacher and researcher). Translator (from French into English): Pierre Rusch.


Unidentified Paper Object
204 printed pages
Format: 23 x 32,5 cm
Design: Rejane Dal Bello
Print run: 1000 copies
Made in The Netherlands
Publication: May 2019
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70 € (with 30 AOZ sets)
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